Rapidly develop your front end web app and mobile app without ever installing a mock server.

A mock server that you can use during development or testing without installing anything and without writing any configuration file.

Quick start

No Installation Mock Server

Your back end developer colleague might write an API server or a mock server for the front end / mobile developers. But more often than not, the server code might be written in a language you're not familiar with, which will make you waste your time trying to install it.

With Coparrot, you don't need to install anything.

No hassle

No need to write any configuration file.

Some open source solutions are easy to install but they require you to write some configuration, for example to map a certain route to the mocked response.

With Coparrot, you don't need to configure anything. Simply send the response you want along with your HTTP request.

No routing

Return any response you want.

Not only you can mock any response you want, you can also set the HTTP status code you want (400, 404, 500, etc), delay the response to simulate slow network condition, or even set the cookies.


When you subscribe to one of the membership plans, you will get a license key that you need to include in your network calls.

Hobby$5 per month

Your license key will allow you to use Coparrot service up to 100 calls per month.

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Professional$50 per 3 months

Your license key allows unlimited calls! And when you ask for a feature, I'll highly put it into consideration.

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Free usage

Want to give it a try first?

Without license key, you can still use Coparrot service but your network calls to Coparrot will be rate limited.

Enterprise Plan

Host Coparrot in your own server

Do you want to run Coparrot in your company?

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Let's get started!

To start using Coparrot, get a license key by subscribing to one of the plans. Then start using Coparrot by reading the documentation. Check out some use cases where Coparrot will definitely help your life as a developer and the frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Hi, my name is Nico Prananta. I'm a software developer from Indonesia 🇮🇩 currently living in Zürich, Switzerland 🇨🇭. I have been making mobile and web apps for more than 10 years. You can contact me on Twitter if you have any questions or feedback about Coparrot.

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