Rapidly develop your front end web app and mobile app without ever installing a mock server.

A mock server that you can use during development or testing without installing anything and without writing any configuration file.


  • Who is Coparrot for?If you're a software developer who make mobile (iOS or Android) or web apps that need to connect to a remote server, then Coparrot is for you.
  • Can I use Coparrot without subscription?Yes. You can simply call the https://use.coparrot.dev/api end point without license key. But without the license key, you will be rate limited.
  • Can I request for a feature?Yes. Get one of the subscriptions and let me know your request.
  • What's with the name?It combines both "parrot" and "co-pilot". "Parrot", because Coparrot essentially echoes what's given, just like a parrot. And since it will become a companion for mobile and web developers while they develop their app, it's acting like the co-pilot in a plane. Hence, parrot + co-pilot = Coparrot. I wrote a bit more about how Coparrot came to be here.